At SCEME, we only like real men who don’t buy girls!


At SCEME, we only like real men who don’t buy girls!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher through their DNA Foundation ( have  recently launched a fun and interactive campaign to fight against sex slavery in the US. The campaign named ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ calls for men to take a stand against sexual exploitation of women and young girls. So far, major celebrities such as Sean Penn and Jason Mraz have participated to hilarious video clips to support the cause.

At SCEME, we decided to join the Real Men cause because it strongly echoes with the work we are doing in the Middle East through our ‘Karamatuna- Dignity’ campaign which investigates and fights against women trafficking in the Middle East- an issue which otherwise receives little exposure in these countries.

While we do not have movie stars supporting our cause yet (but we are working hard on that and if you are a friend of a friend of a movie star please spread the word!), we are very proud to get the support from our wonderful team of volunteers and friends which are our own superstars! Check the pics below and Join our campaign at

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