Jusour Youth Exchange


Jusour Youth Exchange

Jusour (Bridges) an international exchange programme we provide to young people living in the MENA region and the UK. This eight day programme brings together inspiring young people who are committed to working together in the area of local and international development. 

Jusour facilitates the young participants to explore some of the core issues facing youth in the Euro-Mediterranean region today, from education to political participation. It also provides training in project management, fundraising and outreach to support the youth to work together to identify and implement effective solutions to these issues on a local level.

Within this programme, SCEME has recently completed an international exchange for young people living in the UK and Algeria. While the youth have returned home, their work continues. Throughout the course of the week the group created some absolutely fantastic social action projects that they would like to implement in their own communities.

You can learn more about the project, see what the participants think of it, and follow their progress as they implement their projects by following their blog www.jusour-bridges.blogspot.co.uk

Unfortunately, the deadline for this opportunity has now passed. We will be launching details of new opportunities as soon as they emerge.

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