SCEME is looking for motivated and passionate volunteers interested in human rights, gender issues and community development to help us build a stronger network between Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Experienced professionals who would like to offer and share their skills and knowledge for a good cause are encouraged to collaborate with us on a pro-bono basis. Young people are highly welcomed for their innovative and fresh attitude, as well as their capacity to think “outside of the box”. If you have just graduated and you wish to play a concrete role in enhancing social change before stepping into the job market, this is your opportunity to take action and make a difference!

Regardless where you are based, contact us! We are looking for global, international and intercultural collaborations, because DIVERSITY MEANS INNOVATION. If you think you match these qualities or you simply would like to receive further information about our work, please contact us and tell us about yourself, your passions and your dreams.

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