Meet the Team

Iman, Founder and Director

Iman has worked to bridge the gap between Europe and the Middle East for over 10 years. She has dedicated herself to empowering women from a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds and as a result, has helped them to develop a genuine sense of identity and confidence, as well as promoting community cohesion and social action more broadly. Her ability to speak 5 languages fluently means that Iman is truly representational of the globalised world that we live in today. Her language abilities have allowed her to get to the heart of many issues, speaking to people on the ground and promoting their concerns.

Raya, Director

Raya worked as a social worker and manager for over 20 years in both local authority and voluntary organisations, specialising in children, young people and families. She has been running various training and consultation workshops for children and young people involved in the care system. Raya has delivered research and evaluation work for many organisations and charities such as Save the Children. She also acts as Family Fund Trust Adviser, visiting families caring for children with severe disabilities in order to assess their eligibility for assistance. Many of these families are refugees from other parts of the world as well as from the UK.

Sarah, Deputy Director

Sarah has developed a range of programmes for SCEME, and is committed to the empowerment of women and youth, working deliver alternative training and capacity building programmes across the region. Prior to joining, she taught English to young refugees, developed community development and conflict resolution programmes across the Middle East and Asia, and has also developed educational materials for schools on behalf of a major national charity.  She has a BA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations as well as a Masters degree in War Studies where her research focused on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in the Middle East and Africa.