A Letter from the Team


A Letter from the Team

To our Friends, Partners, and Supporters and to each of you who we may not yet have met, we’d like to wish you a relaxing and meaningful festive season and a Happy New Year!
2012 has been a fantastic and beautifully busy year for us. We have been working hard to contribute towards the creation of an environment in which gender equality, freedom and social justice are not a dream but a reality. Spurred on by your help, advice, commitment and good will, we’ve continued in our efforts to raise awareness and spur action to tackle the trafficking and exploitation of women and girls across the region. We’ve been able to work with some of the most inspiring of young women, who remain committed to their education and that of their children in some of the most difficult of circumstances. We’re so encouraged to see these young mothers blossom and feel honoured to have been able to have played a small part in supporting them to realise their own brilliance.
2013 is a year of new challenges and new opportunities. We look forward to continuing our work to provide the most basic of education to young women across the Middle East and North Africa; and with your support are preparing to roll out our programme of work to enable young refugees to access effective and sensitive sexual and reproductive healthcare and education. With the support of some of the most committed and incredible volunteers across the world, we are still striving to shine a light on the realities of trafficking across the region and look forward to releasing further research pieces and resources for activists and organisations throughout the year. We’re also full of excitement for our programme of upcoming youth exchanges to facilitate active youth participation, beginning with our work to connect youth from Algeria and the United Kingdom this Spring.
Your support means the world to us. Thank you for being on this journey with us, we look forward to many more years of action to protect and promote the rights of women and young people, refugees and migrants, and those from impoverished backgrounds throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
We wish you a 2013 filled with peace, joy, and meaning, 
With all of our best wishes,
The Team at SCEME

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