An endless Trip: Refugees from Syria


An endless Trip: Refugees from Syria

At Least 4,300 people have fled violence in Syria and sought refuge in neighbouring Turkey. However, it is estimated that the real number of displaced people is much higher, indicating that a humanitarian crisis in Syria has already started.

Vulnerable groups, such as women and children constitute again, the main target of this unjust human tragedy. Trying to escape escalating violence, torture, harassment and an uncertain future, they find a shelter in Turkish villages such as Karbeyaz, where food and basic medical treatment is provided by the authorities.

After the Friday crackdown by Syrian troops in the northern town of Jisr al-Shughour, a new wave of thousands of refugees attempted to cross the borders, some of them without any result.  Turkey’s prime minister, Tayeb Erdogan called the international community to take more measures and help Turkey to tackle the problem.

Meanwhile, in Damascus and in other big cities of the country, more than a million Iraqis who escaped the violence in Iraq after the 2003 US led invasion, are trying now to return back to Iraq, fearful of losing their safety and security in their new host country.

As the political uprisings reached the majority of the Arab countries, Middle East and North Africa has been turned into a region which residents are immigrants from their country to their county….

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