Arab Spring


A Facebook Uprising, Facebook Campaign Goes Viral

In the beginning of October, the Facebook page The Uprising of Women in the Arab World (founded in October 2011) launched a campaign in support of women in the Arab world. They state:

“Time for women and men to unite against the oppression of women in the Arab world. To say no to violence against women, no to their allegiance to men, no to repression and abuse, no to their treatment as second class citizens. We demand the full application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Arab women just as for men”.

As of today, hundreds of men and women, young and old from all over the world have been sending in pictures of themselves holding signs that have messages of support for women in the Arab world, demanding equality, the right to veil or not veil, the right for a mother to pass nationality to her children and LGBT rights to name a few.  Some images have been a little controversial, such as messages written on a female body, to messages by women wearing a face veil has garnered attention.

The campaign has been a huge success and is ongoing. The page now has over 55,000 likes.