Our Work in the UK

SCEME is based within the vibrant heart of London’s Middle Eastern and North African community, Westminster. From our base, we are working with women’s groups, educators and residents to develop programmes to support the Middle Eastern and North African communities to become empowered, feel more integrated within the wider community, overcome social barriers and to reduce the exclusion felt by many of the diaspora.

To this end, we have initiated financial literacy and other educational programmes such as ‘Hyatouna’ that provides English literacy training to help migrant and refugee mothers support their children in their education, as well as training to impart understanding of the British school system, so that mothers are better placed to support their children’s education, and create more opportunities for London’s Middle Eastern and North African youth. We are also working with educators to develop personal development programmes and diversity awareness courses for teachers and forum social networks and discussion forums for Arab women within the borough to overcome social exclusion.

Jusour (‘Bridges’)

This is an international exchange programme provided to young people living in North Africa and the UK. This eight day programme brings together inspiring young people who are committed to working together in the area of local and international development. Jusour facilitates the young participants to explore some of the core issues facing youth in the Euro-Mediterranean region today, from education to political participation. It also provides training in project management, fundraising and outreach to support the youth to work together to identify and implement effective solutions to these issues on a local level.